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Suspension is not something you often see when you first look at a vehicle.But when you need it suspension is the single most important upgrade you can make to your vehicle.

Original Equipment suspension is set up to support your vehicle for on-road conditions with a reasonable amount of weight. When you start to add vehicle accessories, attach a trailer or caravan and increase your load, the way the suspension handles the load changes. Couple that with uneven surfaces and off-road conditions, the OEM suspension can no longer take the additional strain.Upgrading your suspension, especially when heading off-road can be the difference between a comfortable, enjoyable ride and a harrowing experience.

When your load changes, so should your springs.

Any heavy accessories or towing load added to your vehicle, changes the handling and overall safety when driving.

The vehicle's springs must be matched to the load for optimum ride height and body control. Ironman 4x4 offer a range of springs to match the additional loads whether they are constant or temporary.When you start kitting out your vehicle, take into consideration the kerb weight and how much load you are adding, this will change what level of strength you need.
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The terrain you travel most, determines what type of shock absorber is right for you!

Forces generated by a loaded vehicle in rough terrain versus a lightly loaded vehicle in smooth terrain, differ greatly and can be considerably higher.

Creating safe and appropriate dynamic handling at higher than original weights requires careful consideration.

The range of Ironman 4x4 shock absorbers are designed to cover all terrains and possess the correct amount of damping resistance to provide a safe and comfortable ride. .

The Nitro Gas shock is the best value for affordable performance in all common conditions.

Highly versatile, the shock is a big step up above OEM suspension in performance and control.

  • 35mm piston
  • 54mm body

  • 16mm piston rod

  • Twin tube construction

  • Nitrogen gas pressurised

The Foam Cell shock will enhance your off-road durability and performance while still maintaining excellent on-road characteristics.

Excels in off-road conditions where heat build-up is a concern, the Foam Cell shock is larger in size and holds more oil, providing a better dissipation of heat and longer-lasting performance in all terrains.

  • 40mm piston
  • 60mm body
  • 18mm piston rod
  • Twin-tube construction
  • Foam cell technology
  • Foam Cell Pro shock, the premium shock, built to handle anything.

    Originally designed to meet the demands of the armoured vehicle industry where reliability and durability are critical.
    Foam Cell Pro is the ultimate shock when the going gets tough. Thicker and stronger than any other shock on the market, it is well suited to trades, fleet and serious off-roaders.

  • 45mm piston

  • 65-72mm body

  • 20mm piston rod

  • 3mm wall thickness

  • Twin-tube construction

  • Foam cell technology

  • Your preferred ride style is important to know when selecting the level of valving resistance in your shock absorbers.

    Ironman 4x4 shock absorbers adapt to the velocity of the compression and rebound stroke which provides the right amount of control to suit your driving style.


    The comfort range delivers smooth handling and less harshness for everyday use. Best suited to lighter vehicles without load, the shocks prioritise a soft comfortable ride, above all else..


    The performance range adapts to a wide range of driving styles. Best suited to moderately loaded vehicles with some accessories, the shocks provide a balanced comfortable ride with more control.


    The professional range controls body roll and reduces pitching while driving over all terrains. Best suited to heavily loaded vehicles with a higher centre of gravity, the shocks focus on maximising control and stability.

    Ironman 4x4 suspension kits come with the essential parts to upgrade your ride, but why stop there?

    To compliment your suspension kit, we also stock a wide range of components to further enhance your vehicle and driving experience.