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Moment with Mic: Sand Driving. [Part: 2]

In the previous blog post I mentioned that I got very stuck in the sand during my recent trip to Namibia. I certainly did not enjoy all of the digging. It was very hot and while digging, I promised myself that I would investigate the science behind sand driving when I returned home. Understanding why […]

Moment with Mic: Sand Driving. [Part: 1]

Driving on the beaches and dunes in Namibia this past December clearly brought home to me the fact that my fair amount of theoretical knowledge is no match for my serious lack of practical experience and practice. By far the most dune and beach driving that I have done was in my FJ Cruiser, arguably […]

Moment with Mic: can you reset sagged leaf springs?

Leaf Springs: Adding & Subtracting. We’ve mentioned previously that leaf springs consist of several cambered steel blades assembled into the shape of something resembling a crescent moon. The blades become shorter from top to bottom. Prior to assembly, you will also notice that the lower, shorter blades have more of a camber than the upper […]

Moment with Mic: Fitting Uprated Springs with Standard Shocks & Vice Versa

I often get asked if it is necessary to fit up rated shock absorbers when fitting up rated springs if the vehicle is still new and the original shocks would therefore also still be new. We have previously discussed the function of the shock absorber or damper and the important relationship between the spring rate […]