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Prop Shaft Centre Bearing Spacer Kit

Centre bearing spacer kits should be used on all Ford PX / PXII Rangers / Mazda BT50’s with any suspension lift, due to their tailshaft design.

An increase in driveline angles can create a vibration that is felt throughout the vehicle, this vibration is caused by the excessive angle on the tailshaft.

The spacer kit lowers the center bearing to reduce tail shaft angle and reduce vibration to a satisfactory level.

  • Quantity Required: 1
  • Package Details: Set
1194KFord Ranger T6 - 2011 on - Prop Shaft Centre Bearing Spacer KitVIEW PRODUCT View Product
1194KMazda BT50 - 2011-on - Prop Shaft Centre bearing spacer kitVIEW PRODUCT View Product