How do you turn a Chevy Trailblazer into a superb overland touring machine?

Our MD, Carl Rogers, wanted to put together a touring vehicle that could handle the bush with a couple of passengers in comfort and ease, without breaking the bank.

His personal preference was for a wagon rather than a double cab pickup and having perused the used-car market for a while, he decided on the Chevrolet Trailblazer 2.8 LTZ. Class-leading torque figures, a solid features list and the fact that it is not high on the car-thief shopping list make the Trailblazer a great buy as a prospective 4WD bush truck.

The vehicle is not a daily driver, so Carl was able to set it up with the focus on its being a tourer. Vehicles being set up for touring and off-road work, that also have to double as daily drivers, are more tricky and a compromise always has to be made with them. An additional benefit was that all of the accessories were being fitted at the same time, which presented an opportunity to determine more accurately the correct suspension upgrade to accommodate the additional constant, and variable, loads for the vehicle.

The result of all this upgrading, with product-cost in the region of R150 000 (excluding all fitment), is a very comfortable, sorted overlander which meets all the requirements set out by Carl for his Trailblazer project.

New 10W LED Working Light

Ironman 4x4 introduces the newly designed multi-purpose universal work Light with high-intensity CREE LED's

Now adding a new multi-use work light to their range of LED lighting, Ironman 4x4 are using the latest technology that has become available.

The new universal work light allows you to see further, using brand new reflectors, they're a compact size with low power draw. Ideal for assistance with reversing, illuminating a camp area or lighting the cargo area of a utility, they are easily mounted and wired.

These work lights have a variety of applications across the board - From caravaners to off-roaders through to farmers or tradies, the new Ironman 4x4 super bright LED work light covers all bases.

The SA4x4 Tour - Botswana Adventure

The recipe was simple: bring together a bunch of SA's top performing bakkies and put them head to head in an epic adventure. From the urban sprawl of Johannesburg to deep within the Okavango Delta, these five vehicles would be tested to their limits and beyond. We had a real mix-and-match of vehicles, too, ranging from the ubiquitous Hilux 2.8 to the all-powerful V6 Amarok, and including the handsome 3.2 Ranger, surprising Triton and, of course, the Mazda which showed up on the back foot, as rear-drive only. This would be an interesting trip with more than a few spills.