The Ironman 4×4 SA Team takes on Sani Mountain Pass

Sani Pass Adventure – Team Ironman 4×4 SA

The Ironman 4×4 SA team took a trip up Sani Mountain early July this year. With our fully equipped Ironman 4×4 vehicles, we were ready for an adventure!

They call the Sani Mountain Pass the mother of all South African passes. The world heritage site is situated between KZN and Lesotho 2874 meters above sea level.

26 October 1948, Godfrey Edmonts, an ex RAF Spitfire Pilot, drove up the Sani Pass for the first time. It took him three hours thirty-five minutes to reach the border post, and another two hours to reach the top. There is no official record of which vehicle he used, but we would imagine it would probably have been an open top Willys Jeep.

Friday noon half the team left the Ironman 4×4 offices, and after closing time, the other half left, and we all met up at Harrismith Road Lodge, where we stayed the night.

Early risers the following day, after a good cup of coffee and toasted sandwich we were ready to head up Sani Pass.


Statistically and in every sense, Sani Pass out distances, out climbs, and out performs all its competitors with consummate ease to have become the most iconic gravel pass in SA. The Sani Pass starts at 1544m and rises 1332 vertical meters to the summit at 2876m.

Sani Pass covers the section from the South African border control post to the summit at the Lesotho border control post and Sani Pass Chalets. This is where the serious stuff happens.

Once we have cleared customs at the border control point, the adrenaline part of our trip began. The first half is just a casual drive, compared to what is waiting higher up the pass. Very steep gradients of up to 1:3 with loose rocks, mud, ice, and snow can all be encountered on this section.

Reaching the top, we stayed at the Sani Mountain Lodge ( Where you will also find the highest pub in Africa. And gluwyn to warm you from the cold.

The service from the team at Sani Mountain Lodge was excellent. And good value for money. We feasted that night on a buffet of note.

The rooms were nice and cozy with a fireplace keeping you warm throughout the night.

The next morning at -5 degrees and a hefty wind blowing, we had a good breakfast and then we got ready to make our way down the mountain.

The Ironman 4×4 Team consisted of Mic van Zyl, Director of Ironman 4×4, his wife, Elma and their 7-year-old son Michael driving in the Toyota FJ Cruiser. Next, we have Christo du Plessis, Sales Manager with his wife, Susan in the Toyota Hilux Revo.Followed by Quinton, Vincent, and Lisa in the New Nissan Navara, Deon, and Luzaan in the Ford Ranger T6, Lee-Anne in the Pajero. Chantel the Marketing Coordinator for Ironman 4×4 SA and Dylan in the Jeep Wrangler.

We, unfortunately, did not get to experience snow but there is always next year. For those who got to experience snow in Lesotho before, you would know, it’s quite spectacular.

This was a memorable 4×4 trip for the Team, and experiencing Ironman 4×4 Suspension first hand! It did not disappoint.


If you have any questions or want more information with regards to the Suspension fitted to the Ironman 4×4 vehicles, feel free to email


Regards. Team Ironman 4×4 SA